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Have you ever wished to enter the cryptocurrency market at the perfect moment? This is the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Bitcoin, the first and most influential cryptocurrency, is now available at an unimaginable price of just $1! Yes, you read that right. This is an opportunity not to be missed, and here’s why.

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3,000,000 BTC20X

$1 = 1 BTC20X

Free Airdrop for BTC20 holders

Acquiring Bitcoin
for $1 is a rare opportunity

Imagine a universe where your single dollar can transform your financial reality, a world where your green bill becomes a gold mine. This is the opportunity that presents itself with BTC20X, today available for only $1.

Free Money

Decentralised system

Picture this: 2015, Ethereum launches, and you grab a piece for just $1. Fast-track to 2021, and that humble buy could have soared to an astonishing ROI of 436,100%! It’s not just an investment; it’s a time machine to unparalleled wealth. Missed the Ethereum train? Stay alert, the next gold rush might be just around the corner!


Imagine flashing back to 2009 and snagging a Bitcoin for just $1. Fast forward to 2021, and that modest purchase would’ve skyrocketed to a jaw-dropping ROI of 6,400,000% – that’s a staggering 64,000 times your original bet! Talk about the ultimate financial glow-up! Don’t let the next big chance slip away. The future waits for no one.


Acquiring Bitcoin20X for $1 is a rare opportunity, a gateway to the future of financial transactions. You can position yourself ahead of this revolution, becoming one of the pioneers of this new digital era. Dive into the AI revolution now! Tomorrow’s millionaires are today’s forward-thinkers. Don’t watch the future, shape it and let AI pave your golden path!

Key Features


zkSync, with its breakthrough AI integration, is revolutionizing dApps, ensuring immense scalability and unmatched anonymity. Its innovative approach merges with AI to redefine the future. Embrace this evolving landscape and seize the timely investment opportunity before it’s mainstream.

Fair deals only

BTC20X brilliantly leverages zk-SNARKs, creating a seamless matrix of indistinguishable Ethereum transactions. With its groundbreaking integration of zkSync Era, it offers uncapped, censorship-resistant swaps between BTC20X and ETH Token. Dive deep into this cryptographic marvel, experience the future of limitless and untraceable financial fluidity!

Hold Bitcoin, unlock future riches.

Imagine a world where merely 1% of the global population—roughly 78 million people—held just 0.1 BTC20X each. The sheer demand would skyrocket the token’s value! If you’re among those astute enough to hold BTC20X now, you could be at the forefront of a financial revolution. What if you were part of this exclusive 1%? Seize the BTC20X moment!

Ethereum's green upgrade surpasses Bitcoin's carbon footprint.

Ethereum’s latest eco-friendly shift is a game-changer. As countries worldwide embrace green alternatives, this crypto evolution positions Ethereum as the future’s super-efficient, low-energy consuming digital powerhouse. Investors are poised to reap substantial profits from this global green wave. A digital revolution, greener and richer.

AI: The ultimate intermediary eliminator.

Immediate funding without third-parties on the zkSync Era Layer-2 protocol. Smart contracts autonomously handle transactions – seamlessly collecting and releasing funds. Experience the future with  L2 Ethereum staking Dashboard, elevating passive income and securing the network’s decentralization. An unmatched blend of tech and opportunity awaits. Dive into this next-gen financial frontier.

Easy stacking with incredible returns and unmatched opportunities.

On the innovative Ethereum zkSync Era blockchain, BTC20X offers a revolutionary staking mechanism. Stake your assets and earn a staggering 50% yield over the next three months. With BTC20X’s halving approach, early adopters are primed for unmatched rewards. Dive into this evolving crypto frontier!


Unlock incredible earnings with an AI-driven wallet that learns from you. Execute seamless trades on a DEX crafted by the AI itself. With zkSync ensuring top-notch data security, anticipate scalability lasting centuries. Be more than a user, be part of the future’s elite financial circle.

AI-Powered Simplified Portfolio: The Future of Crypto Investment

Simplified portfolio management: merging Ethereum’s innovation, Bitcoin’s stability, and zkSync’s efficiency. The streamlined future of crypto investment awaits.

Why Us?

Bitcoin & Ethereum: Pioneering the future.

The WhitePaper of represents a significant advancement in the cryptocurrency space. It outlines an upgrade of, known as BTC20X, with a specific aim to reinstate the symbolic price of Bitcoin at $1. Drawing on rigorous engineering and sophisticated mathematical concepts, BTC20X seeks to create a groundbreaking and robust monetary framework that integrates both Ethereum ZkSync Era blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) staking investors’ positioning.


  • Ethereum now hosts advanced smart contracts through zkSync Era, further expanding its robust ecosystem.
  • Embracing both Proof-of-Stake (PoS) and Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus mechanisms
  • Promoting global accessibility and connectivity across payment networks.

Quantum-AI Synergy

The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) provides unique competitive advantages in managing the economic dynamics of a project like BTC20X. The traditional role of halvings in cryptocurrencies is to regulate supply, ensuring a reduction in inflation, and potentially support value. However, the potential to use AI with zkSync Era allows for flexibility and adaptability that have never been seen before.

  • Tokens centralize within our project, bridging intuitive AI governance with collective decision-making.
  • Experience a trading paradigm where discretion isn't just an option, but a foundational principle.
  • Elite Staking Ecosystem: Invest, hold, and reap unmatched rewards as every token amplifies its inherent value proposition.

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Ethereum Evolution

With zkSync’s cross-chain compatibility, our AI integrates seamlessly, tapping into the vast financial sector, setting the stage for a unified blockchain era.

  • AI-created portfolio
  • Hyperscalability
  • ZK rollup
  • zkSync Era

Bitcoin Evolution

At the intersection of research fields in cryptography, behavioral economics, and computational neuroscience, BTC20X represents a technological breakthrough.

  • Cutting-Edge ZK tech
  • Guarantee 100% Of The Security
  • zkPorter
  • 20x Fee Reduction

Favorable regulation

Holding Bitcoin positions you at the forefront, as it reshapes the global financial landscape for generations ahead.

  • Untraceable Transactions
  • Anti-Hacking
  • Multi-Layered Protection
  • Optimistic Rollups

Data under control

ZkEVM Ethereum Staking trumps Bitcoin’s proof-of-work by ensuring lower energy use, consistent returns, and a decentralized, secure ecosystem.

  • Data Stored Decentralized
  • Hyperchains
  • Hyperbridges
  • Parallelization

Words from community

  • Anonymous
    C++ Engineer

    In the realm of digital finance, I see unparalleled potential. Bitcoin, as the pioneer, has illuminated a path. The future beckons with endless possibilities and promises. Join the crypto revolution for a brighter tomorrow.

  • @shilpamishra23
    Bitcoin Maximalism

    In a world of evolving finance, cryptocurrency emerges as the game-changer. No banks, no borders, no barriers. Just pure, decentralized power at your fingertips.

  • CyberGate
    Bitcoin Investor

    I invest in crypto because I see the future of finance. In France, crypto signifies freedom, innovation, and opportunity.

  • Matrix
    AI Expert

    The future of AI is boundless. It promises enhanced efficiency, breakthrough innovations, and deeper human-machine synergy. Embracing AI means unlocking potential and pioneering the next frontier of technological evolution.


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  • Token Price1 $ = 1 BTC20X
  • Total Supply21,000,000 X
  • Pre-SalePre-Sale V1
  • Pre ico amount3,000,000 BTC20X
  • Pre-Sale V2
  • PRE ICO amount3,050,000 BTC20X

*All BTC20 holders will receive an airdrop of BTC20X post-pre-sale, matching their current wallet balance.

The Future Of Ethereum

Ethereum’s zkSync adoption marks a seminal move towards Layer 2 scalability, enabling rapid and cost-effective transactions.

AI integration promises smarter smart contracts and predictive algorithms, magnifying the potential of DeFi platforms.

With multi-chain interoperability, 20x fee reduction compared to Ethereum zkSync Era becomes a central hub, seamlessly connecting diverse blockchain ecosystems.

Investing in Ethereum now means leveraging the synergies of zkRollups and AI, poised to redefine the crypto-landscape.


the process of our pre-sale program

Idea development

July 2023

Presale and Token Distribution

Summer 2023

Launch and Staking Activation

Summer 2023

Alpha version launched

September 2024

Architecture development stage

January 2025

Public Release

Avril 2025
July 2023

Idea development

*All BTC20 holders will receive an airdrop of BTC20X post-pre-sale, matching their current wallet balance.

Chapter 1: The Genesis

In a world where technology reaches unimaginable heights, a team of extraordinary individuals comes together to forge something revolutionary. They are the best in their respective fields: mathematicians, cryptographers, traders, AI developers. Their mission is to design a New Technology in the form of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that can turn one dollar into a million.

1.1 The Birth of AI

AI, unlike mere programming, learns and adapts. It analyzes data, recognizes patterns, and even predicts information it has never encountered before. By merging financial trend analysis with mathematics and machine learning, this team is working to create an AI that can both understand and influence the cryptocurrency market.

Summer 2024

ERC-20 Token Standard Version Launched

In the initial presale phase, a total of 3 million BTC20 tokens will be offered at a nominal price of $1 each. Once the soft cap of 3 million tokens is achieved, an additional 3.05 million tokens will be made available for purchase to align with Bitcoin’s 2011 market cap. This fundraising effort will serve as the basis for future development, marketing, and strategic partnerships.

Summer 2024

ZkSync Era - The New Generation of Staking Pool

After the presale, the BTC20X team will implement a secure and unchangeable staking contract. We will then take a snapshot to distribute an airdrop of 6.05 million BTC20X to BTC20 holders. Make sure you hold onto your BTC20 to be eligible for this generous airdrop! This contract will securely lock all unsold tokens, totaling a minimum of 8.9 million, forming the foundation of the token’s staking mechanism.  Both users will be able to stake their BTC20X tokens and take part in receiving staking rewards.

January 2025

Alpha version launched

Chapter Emergence: The Grand Announcement

In precisely one year, to mark the inaugural anniversary of BTC20X, the enigmatic team from Monaco will unveil a technological masterpiece. Only those holding BTC20X tokens will gain entry to this sanctuary of innovation.


Chapter Revelation: The Alpha Deployment

Picture a universe where zkSync Era technology revolutionizes our connection to Dapps. This Alpha isn't just an upgrade; it's a leap into tomorrow. Lightning-fast swaps, dizzying staking yields, cutting-edge NFT marketplaces, and exclusive Web3.0 shops will unfold. And as Elon Musk and X contemplate launching their own payment platform, this brave new world promises staggering economic windfalls. In this dawning era, not holding BTC20X might equate to a missed opportunity, a vanished fortune.

March 2025

Architecture development stage

We're going to gather feedback from Alpha users, and improve the AI.

BTC20X Staking & AI Decision-Making Schema:


1️. Neural Network Architecture & Training:

- Model Structure: Multi-layer perceptrons (MLP) with backpropagation for initial decision layers.
- Deep Learning Enhancements: Implementation of Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) for pattern recognition in market trends.
- Recurrent Enhancements: LSTM (Long Short-Term Memory) units for understanding and predicting long-term market sequences.

2️. Reinforcement Learning (RL):

- Action-Value Functions: Q-learning with deep Q-networks (DQN) to balance trade-offs between exploration and exploitation.
- Policy Gradient Methods: Enables the AI to iteratively improve its strategies based on staking and market outcomes.
- Reward Mechanism: Custom reward function optimizing for maximum staking returns and minimized risk.

3. Bayesian Decision-making:

- Probabilistic Programming: Uses a combination of Bayesian statistics and Monte Carlo sampling.
- Risk Assessment: Stochastic simulations to evaluate the risk of every decision.
- Decision Trees: Optimized Bayesian trees to analyze possible outcomes and select optimal paths.

Avril 2025

Public Release

BTC20X Hyperchains Trading Algorithm via zkSync Era on Ethereum: Technical Overview

The BTC20X team presents a cutting-edge AI trading algorithm engineered to function seamlessly across both cryptocurrency and traditional markets using zkSync technology on the Ethereum network. By leveraging zkSync's Layer 2 scaling solution, the algorithm ensures fast, low-cost transactions without compromising security. This integration offers superior adaptability across the Ethereum ecosystem. Advanced machine learning techniques empower the system to anticipate market movements with unparalleled precision. Preliminary tests have showcased exceptional profitability and reduced risk metrics. BTC20XAI's solution, integrated with zkSync Era on Ethereum, represents an innovative convergence of AI and decentralized finance technologies, promising to redefine trading operations for the modern engineer.


Introducing our meticulously crafted white-paper: BTC20X Bridging Computational Intelligence with Ethereum’s zkSync Technology. This document elucidates how Bitcoin and multi-chain integrations, when coupled with advanced AI, propel financial innovations to unprecedented heights in the digital asset sphere.